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Inner Work School
“Gods gift to us is more potential than we can
possibly live in this lifetime.
Our gift to God is to live as much of this potential as we possibly can.”

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The Inner Work School


The Inner Work School

Do you aspire?
To a more fulfilled way of living
Where your heart is open
Your mind clear
And you’re in your energy and power?
Imagine now our Earth filled with people this whole
We believe it’s possible
The new consciousness
The Essence Training Inner Work School is an environment for the new consciousness to flower.
exploration - energy - awakening
It is based upon intensive self-exploration, entering the energy world, and an awakening to the higher consciousness of the soul.
dynamic process
The School combines dynamic group processes, personal work, energy training, meditation and teaching to create a rich environment for personal transformation and professional development.
to the point
The School programs are direct, intense and to the point. Each focusses upon one particular aspect of being, one chakra and it’s themes. This in-depth exploration includes identifying and clearing the blocks which inhibit us in that area, opening the Essence Qualities of that center, and learning to bring these energies into dynamic daily living.



Margaretha Bessel - Our New Dean of Inner Work School

We would like to welcome Margaretha Bessel as our Dean of the Inner Work School. She was the very first person to join Essence Training when it began in Germany in 1995. She joined us in curriculum preparation for the modules since 2003 and has been co-teaching with us since in 2005. She is also the director of the Energy Balancing Institute and its Certification Programs and co-leads the new Essence Teachers Apprentice Program.

Read her full CV here or learn more on www.MargarethaBessel.de

If you like to learn more about the Energy Balancing Certification Program, click here for the German Flyer with all the information, or for a short introduction in English.


know yourself
energy training
healing and awakening
the new consciousness
psycho-energetic spirituality
What is inner work?
Inner work is the deliberate process of changing yourself to become the person you know you can be.

What is an inner work school?

An Inner Work School is an environment for self-development. Here you can safely explore yourself and come to know yourself better. You can discover your strengths and capabilities, transform limiting feelings and thoughts, and awaken to a fuller you.
Do I need inner work?
We all need inner work. We live only a fraction of our potential. Even if our lives are working well and we are happy, there is so much more. And if we are really honest with ourselves, we have many areas that could use improvement.
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