The New Consciousness

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the new consciousness
An age begins with the birth of ideas. New ideals enter the collective consciousness, and new possibilities of living and relating begin to emerge. New aspects of the psyche begin to show themselves, like the petals of a flower previously hidden in the bud, now becoming visible.

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Indigo Adults

Indigo Adults

A new type of person

is coming into incarnation right now, almost a next step in human evolution. These people carry a new consciousness - different energies, paradigms, ways of thinking and feeling. This consciousness holds the promise of a new humanity and civilization.

These new people are called ‘Indigo Souls’ because clairvoyants notice that the color indigo is unusually prominent in their aura. Indigo is the color of the third eye; these souls have a high degree of activity in their third eye center.

Keynotes of the new consciousness are intelligence, heartfulness, empowerment and freedom. This consciousness is life-affirmative and embracing. It empowers the individual while expanding him/her into a co-creative dance with the larger whole.

This consciousness is bringing a new understanding of the universe and what it means to be human; a new psychology and spirituality that embraces both the scientific and the mystic, the mind as well as the heart and soul.

It’s happening in us
The new consciousness is a birth that is taking place within our own bodies and psyches. We experience it as a depth of feeling and thinking, and powerful internal forces of energy and intelligence.

The Challenge of Indigo
This birth of a new consciousness is a great moment. But like all births, it’s not easy.

Some common challenges of Indigos

* Feeling alone, separate or misunderstood
* Your depth of feeling and thinking is often different than those around you
* Unusually sensitivities
* Feel limited by the normal world around
* You’re a visionary with unusual hopes, aspirations and sense of purpose

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Training For Indigo Adults
Know yourself better

Take your next steps
Understand and live your purpose

Indigo Adult
Leadership Training

The Indigo Leadership Program offers an understanding of the emerging new consciousness and how to support it in others. It equips you with a set of leadership, communication, coaching and empowerment skills that you can use personally and professionally.

Essence Training
Inner Work for Indigo’s

Ready for the deep work? Essence Training will help you mature in all areas of your life. 14 five-day training segments over 5 years.

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