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The Crown Chakra - Level III

The Crown Chakra - Level III

The Awakened Soul - Advanced work with the Crown Chakra


About the Masters Program

The focus in the Masters Program is on the higher frequencies of each chakra. The work is soul centered; it helps you further your connection to your soul and soul purpose. Our emphasis is also practical - to bring down your higher consciousness as ‘energy in action’ in daily life situations. Through intensive individual and small group work and direct feedback from the trainers a focused and highly personal level of inner work is supported.


The Awakened Soul

One of the central purposes of inner work is to awaken to our selves as a soul – a vast being of energy and consciousness living on another plane of reality and to then ‘bring down’ this soul consciousness as a high vibration of love, intelligence and dynamic potency and express it in this world as soul purpose. 


This is accomplished in two ways. First, it is the building of the ‘rainbow bridge’, that energy channel that goes from the top of the head to an 8th chakra above the head, what we refer to as the Higher Self or the Seat of the Soul. Second, it is to access the three streams of the soul - soul love, soul intelligence and soul power, and to integrate these in our body/personality/mind.


This work of awakening to the soul connects you to your soul’s purpose; for you do have a purpose, a reason for being here. As you awaken soul consciousness this purpose assumes ever-greater centrality in your life until every thing every moment comes to revolve around and express this. Your soul and soul purpose become the driver of your personality and your life.


Central to your soul purpose is understanding your soul teachings. From the soul’s perspective, a human lifetime is but a day in the life of the soul. The Earth is a great school of learning, the Earth School, through which we can have certain experiences. As you come to understand your soul teachings, you can most effectively unfold those aspects of your self that you soul is seeking to learn. These qualities, called Essence qualities, then become central to your souls purpose and making your contribution to an evolving world.


Additional Material: 

  • The Higher Mysteries
  • The Universal Soul
  • Soul groups
  • Karma and past lives
  • Incarnating the soul
  • Let Go
  • The three rings of the crown
  • The will of the soul

Start Date :14-Jun-2017
End Date :18-Jun-2017
Country :Germany
Price :


Participation in the Crown Module  - Basic Program (Level II)

Event Time : 9 am to 5 pm
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