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Awaken Your Inner Light

Awaken Your Inner Light

5 Day Workshop on Bringing the New

Join us, when Essence Training is reborn and bring your friends!

Kabir and Ritama will open completely new spaces within us and within Essence Training’s field of consciousness. Elements of the workshop will continue to be the teachings of Kabir and Ritama, Energy Balancing, meditation, energy diagnostics, working in small group and transforming your wounds and limiting patterns. That is, the healing and transformation of the chakras and of related wounds and issues remain in focus, even though we are no longer just focusing on one chakra only but embracing all the chakras.

 “Awaken Your Inner Light” aims to accelerate your spiritual development and increase your energetic vibration so you can let your light shine at all times.

For Booking: Please contact our seminar organizer Frankfurter Ring via email kontakt@frankfurter-ring.de or tel: +4969 – 51 15 55

ATTENTION: different cancellation fees apply for this workshop (75€), until 7 days prior to the event. Afterwards the complete workshop fee will be charged. 

More information

  • Early bird ticket – 595 Euro – Registration and payment until August 21
  • Language: English with translation into German
  • Support by Senior Teachers & Essence Training staff members
  • Workshop Times: Wed  18-22.,  Thur-Sun  9-18
  • The end times are flexible and dependent on the dynamics of the workshop

Start Date :02-Oct-2019
End Date :06-Oct-2019
Country :Germany
Price :


No Prerequisites

Event Time : 6pm on Wednesday Sunday, 6pm
Language : ,
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