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We are beings of energy. Rivers of liquid light flow through the subtle energy channels that compose us. These streams meet at vortexes to coalesce as thoughts, feeling, actions and needs. These swirling centers are doorways leading towards the inner mysterious center of Being, our Essential Self, our Soul.

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The School is
a doorway to the world of energy
an energy approach
to the awakening of consciousness
Central to the new consciousness is humanities awakening to energy. It is one of the most significant things in our personal journeys and in working with others.
Once you realize the underlying energy forces that are at work everywhere, life is never the same. You understand the hidden inner workings behind outer events, and you can directly perceive the energies at play in your self and in situations. It gives you entirely new ways of dealing with things, ways that open doors, resolve issues and empower us like never before.
Studies include:
The Human Energy Field
Chakra Psychology
The Energetic dimension of relating
The Energy Matrix in which we live
You learn to:
Perceive energy
Use energy via your hands
Use energy via your entire energy field
Use energy:
As a therapist, healer, coach
In your daily life for relating, creating, working






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