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Energy Balancing

What is Energy Balancing?

Energy Balancing is

  • An entrance to the Incredible World of Energy
  • Powerful energy tools to make your life better
  • Methods to bring your energy in balance in every day situations

Energy Balancing provides powerful energy tools you can use to bring your energies in balance and create your life to be more effective and loving.

Energy Balancing works directly on the human energy field and chakras to balance our energies and center our life. Energy Balancing is an energy tool for daily life situations and helps us understand the energies at play when we interact with others and how we can use energy to in these situations to create well-being. It is a fascinating look at the incredible world of energy.


Your Energy in Action Energy Balancing for daily living

An Introduction into The Incredible World of Energy

Every once in a while a book comes along that redefines how we see the world and radically, irrevocably opens up a new way of thinking and living

  • It reveals a whole new dimension of life
  • It explains why we relate and act the ways we do
  • It puts in our hands Energy Balancing, an incredibly powerful yet simple tool that everyone can use in normal situations to make things work better


Energy Balancing Institute

We are proud to launch our sister organization The Energy Balancing Institute and website dedicated entirely to Energy Balancing


Energy Balancing Certification Program

The Energy Balancing Certification Program (EBC) is for people who would like to use Energy Balancing for working with others.

With these skills you can:

  • Evaluate the energy state of a person Align and balance another’s energy field and chakras
  • Help people understand themselves - the state of their energy and how this invisible world is influencing their life
  • Teach people to use and manage their energies The EBC takes place within the Essence Training modules, as ell as in stand alone teaching segments ...more




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