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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all problems in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivates our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”


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Climbing the Wondrous Mountain of Consciousness

I am working on a new book, Climbing the Wondrous Mountain of Consciousness. I thought to share this introductory piece because it  speaks to the deeper energies we are all working with. I am including this rough drawing. It is far from finished. If any of you readers are an artist and are capable of working with me to finish this I'd much appreciate it. Kabir


Homo Spiritualis

The birth of a New Human Being






I feel inordinately blessed to be alive at this unique moment in history. I believe this time to be the greatest moment our Earth has yet seen, and that to be “on planet” now is an unparalleled gift and opportunity.

I say this not only because of the immense and exciting changes we see occurring everywhere but because I believe these changes are but the outermost expression of an even greater phenomena - a Next Evolutionary Step of life on Earth. I see a new type of human being emerging now, with new dimensions  of consciousness. This human being has new sense apparatus, new levels of thinking and feeling, and corresponding new capacities to act and create. I see this human being giving birth to a new type of society and culture, and ultimately playing an entirely new role on the Earth than Man has ever played before. Ultimately, I see this New Human Being having a different connection to the Cosmos and to God, and unfolding the most potent and enlightened Spirituality that has ever been.

I call this new human being Homo Spiritualis to indicate a truly Spiritual Human Being on Earth.

The purpose of this book is to explore the nature of this New Human Being and the role we need to actively take to get there. This book defines the Goal, the Path and the Journey of giving birth to a radical new state of consciousness that is happening on a planetary scale and immediately inside of you.

This is a birthing moment, and like all births, there are many challenges, and this next step is facing us with many. Individually we face many personal issues in a wide variety of areas such as love and relating, money and job, creativity and manifestation, meditation and God. Collectively we face issues with the environment, banking, poverty, inequality crime, governments and many more. All of these have fundamentally larger roots in the vast forces that are sweeping our world as the new consciousness emerges.

The gist of this book is that you are giving birth to an immense new consciousness that is emerging inside of you, that you are a midwife to your own consciousness, and there is much that you need to do about this. You are being challenged to step up, to take full responsibility for the birth of your own consciousness and become the person you know you can be. And that is the essence of the matter - that somewhere inside, you have a sense of the most fullest You that you can be. It is as if the flower, hidden within the seed, calls forth to the seed to grow so that this flower can come into being. The full flowering of the immense potential that you have is calling you to do the deep inner work of becoming all that you can be.

I use the metaphor of a mountain to represent the flowering of this immense consciousness, and the process of climbing that mountain to represent the journey to arrive there.

The foundation of this book is that we have become co-creators with evolution. We have awakened the intelligence and capacity to work hand in hand with Life to consciously create the future. We have entered a state of Conscious Evolution. We are ushering in the most creative and potent era that has ever existed and we are being challenged to play our part. This book outlines what you can do and what it means to climb this tremendous Mountain of Consciousness.

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