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The Science of Human Potential

The Meeting of Energy, Psychology and Spirituality

“The root of all challenges in the world today is the thinking and feeling that motivate our actions.
The fundamental solution lies in maturing our consciousness.”


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Finding yourself when you no longer know who you are

Author Christiane Becht explains how you can tell that youve lost touch with who you truly are and gives some simple advice to help find yourself again.
In my work with so many different people, I have noticed that many of them, usually in their mid-30s to mid-50s, tend to lose themselves because they are so involved with their work or personal relationships.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Being Highly Sensitive can have its ups and downs. Author Christiane Becht explains and sets a quiz to help you discover if you are a highly sensitive person.

The Energy Balancing Blog Page is up!


We are so happy to announce that from now on we are able to share more on ENERGY BALANCING with you right here!


Why we want to do that? Energy shapes our lives at every moment, but few of us understand how it works or how to use it to our advantage. Through this blog we want to help change that.


If you often

-    feel drained or depleted and would like to find ways to ‘survive’ better in your daily life

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